Are You Part of the Project?

Give. Share. Build Community

What if you could help someone in need? What if you found out your next door neighbor had to go without food because of something unexpected.  Would you answer the calling? Find ways to give back in your community.  Maybe you have a warm coat that can clothe someone in need in your own neighborhood or a bale of hay to feed a neighbors horse. Maybe you have an apple tree overflowing with ripe fruit but don't have the time to pick them all before they go bad or even a garden that yields enough food to feed dozens. 

Do you have a special talent that you can offer someone who wants to learn but cannot afford to take a lesson?  What if you were FREE?  What if we all stood together and helped those in need? What do you have to lose by helping someone? Maybe you feel called to help someone but don't know where to begin.  Do you teach the piano?  Maybe you could offer a lesson to someone to who wants to learn but cannot find the extra money to spend.  The gift of music is a beautiful thing, why don't you share it with someone.

Be Free

 We can all find ways to make a positive impact on our communities!

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