Why choose animal therapy?


Animals as Healers

Animal-assisted therapy is a growing field that utilizes  animals for treatment of mental health issues, heart disease and cancer. Common animal-assisted therapy usually involves cats or dogs but a new popular trend offers therapy with goats.  Why goats you ask? Who can resist the sight of a precious baby goat?  Goat yoga offers a fun way to ease symptoms of chronic illness. There is also a hypoallergenic significance to goat animal-assisted therapy because many people have a dog or cat allergy. If handled properly, domesticated goats offer hours of enjoyment. Goats are sure-footed even in the most difficult terrain. They can climb nearly anything so they are the ideal animal to partner up with yoga.  If you have something on your mind,  let a goat hop up on your back while you are trying to do a yoga sequence.  

Who can benefit from animal assisted-therapy?

Everyone!  Animals can offer a person love and affection.  There are many organizations that provide animal-assisted therapy and the trend continues to grow in the healthcare industry.

Providing Comfort

Therapy animals are trained to provide love and comfort to people in hospices, disaster areas, hospitals, schools, nursing homes and to people with anxiety disorders or autism.  It can help them form bonds that they can't normally form with people.